How fast are companies in your network growing?

Use to collect data on private companies in your network. Use data to create benchmark reports, track growth over time, or publish research for all to consume.

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How it works

The Benchmark Data tool imports company data through native integrations and creates a growth report in seconds. Invite companies in your network to participate and we will create a benchmark report automatically to see how they stack up against each other. Here's how it works:


1. Company Submits Information


We capture this information to accurately compare performance to companies who share similar attributes like size, revenue model, and location.

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2. Connects to Data Source reads data from programs like Google Analytics. We never change anything in the account and we never share this information with the public.

3. Company Receives Growth Report

In seconds we will generate a growth report where we've calculated metrics like Compounded Monthly Growth Rate and predicted each company's web presence over the next three years.

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4. Companies Share with Peers

We incentivize each company to share with their peers to strengthen the statistical significance of the data. All benchmark data is aggregated and de-identified.

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5. We'll Send You the Aggregate Data Set

Once we reach our goal number of companies, we will email you a report containing granular detail on each metric. We automatically calculate growth rates and benchmark metrics so you don't have to.

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Ready to see how your network stacks up?

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does do with the data?

We use the data we collect to generate benchmarks across hundreds of metrics. These benchmarks help companies to set simple, achievable goals on a daily basis. We only ever use this data in aggregate, de-identifed form and will never sell data to a third-party.

Is secure? is fully SSL encrypted. We use token-based API systems to collect data which means no username or password information is ever shared with our application. We only ever require read-only access to get your data. We always maintain at least the same level of security as the programs we pull data from. Our benchmark database is encrypted at the lowest level to ensure the security of the data we have stored.

How long does it take to receive my benchmark report?

We will send you your benchmark report as soon as we hit our agreed upon data set goal. We can continue to collect more data sets for as long as you wish.

Can I use to collect specific data on my own network?

If companies within your network opt to share their identity along with their data, we do allow networks to collect it; however, we are not liable for your use of the data.